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Gardenhouse & Simone Howell

Designer, wife, mother and fabric lover Simone Howell from Gardenhouse in California is some kind of wonderful. Her handbag designs and children’s clothes are so creative and colorful, it’s hard not to imagine them as quilts, pillows and duvets. Simone is one of those ladies that you imagine designing her own line of fabrics or owning a gorgeous shop someday.



Her home, in Los Angeles, is vibrant and energetic just as how I imagine her to be as I read her blog and visit her Flickr photos. Inspired by her eye for color and mixing patterns you wouldn’t think go together until you see them living merrily as one on some of her handbags, I thought you may like her cheery dose of imagination and whimsy to take you into the weekend.


I love this bench cover!



Though I’m definitely not daring enough to wear one of these bags, a clutch with a pretty summer a-line dress and sandals would look so pretty I think. I am daring enough to rock a bench like that in my entryway though, which is giving me some ideas as I type… and Simone if you’re reading these you have to sell these!!! No pressure but seriously, no one is doing stuff like this on Etsy – bench slipcovers would be fab!

(images: simone howell)

Posted by Holly Becker in Inspiration on May 29, 2009

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