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Lillian’s Diary House Tour in Vienna

January 12, 2010

I need to take a break from reading and approving contest comments to sink into a lovely little home tour for some inspiration. Are you with me? Good. So let’s visit the home of Katrin who is known online as Lillian’s Diary — she has a Flickr page where you can follow her as she shares her home and inspirations. I found her via Flickr recently so I contacted Katrin to see if she’d like to share her home on decor8 because it’s a small space and so very charming. I’m happy that she has given me permission to share her warm nest with you — it’s too cute!

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

I took a moment to have a rather informal interview with her as well and it really helped me to understand her style a little better once I learned more about how she approaches decorating. Are you ready to visit a sweet spot in Vienna, Austria today? Let’s go!

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

Katrin is a PR spokesperson who, like most Europeans, speaks more than one language — she knows German, English, and basic French. She has lived in Austria for 4 years now with her fiancé Moritz (they are both German) and has rented the 1950s apartment shown here for 3 years and it is 60 qm (which translates to approximately 650 square feet). It has 3 rooms if you count them the German way (a kitchen and bathroom do not count as a room). Together with 2 cats Marlene and Lulu, they have a kitchen, living room, small office, one bedroom and a garden.

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

What do you love about your city? Everything in Vienna is old/historic. When we first moved here we used to say that Vienna is an open air museum. I still love that about Vienna.

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

Favorite vacation spots in Europe? The Northern part of Portugal. It’s beautiful, incredibly inexpensive and more or less undiscovered by tourists.

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

Please tell us about your decorating style: So hard to answer! I just pick what I like! :)

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

What inspires your decor? Design blogs (like decor8!), Magazines (love Living Etc.), people and their spaces on Flickr.

How would you define your style in 3 words? Colourful, clean lines, cheerful.

Where do you shop for your home items? IKEA, Habitat, eBay… and Etsy mostly for art. I love Etsy.

Lillian's Diary House Tour in Vienna

What are 5 decorating tips that you’d like to share with decor8 readers?

  • If you can’t afford something, try a DIY version. Buy a sewing machine. Try stencils on a wall. Spray paint lamps. Don’t be afraid.
  • Paint is a cheap but very effective way to transform spaces. In my opinion you don’t need outstanding furniture if you have the right paint color on your walls.
  • Don’t be afraid of big furniture pieces in small rooms. Our huge gray chair is working well in our small office. You don’t necessarily need tiny furniture for tiny spaces. (Restrain to one big piece though).
  • Pare down. Everyone who visits our house asks me where our “stuff” is. Seriously, you don’t need “stuff”.
  • Keep everything organized. This is key especially when living in a small space. All our storage spaces are neatly organized and everything has its place.

Thank you so much Katrin for sharing your decorating tips and your pretty home with us today!

So tell me friends, after careful inspection of her little nest, what did you find personally inspiring? Did you notice the kitchen wallpaper? It’s not wallpaper! It’s stenciled by Katrin. And did you see that she also painted her heat radiator in her kitchen navy blue? I love that touch. Her kitchen is so charming, I like how it is very functional and everything is out in the open yet it looks so neat – really, really great.

(images: lillian’s diary)


  • Reply Andrea at Heavy Petal January 12, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    What an inspiring house tour/interview. Gorgeous colour pallette. Especially love the open kitchen shelving that manages to look like art, not clutter. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Uncle Beefy January 12, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    1) Thank you, Katrin, for sharing your lovely home!
    2) Thanks to you, Holly, for sharing it with us, your ADORING readers! :)

    The thing I love about Katrin’s place the most is that, while very well designed, it feels homey and comfortable. It feels real… like someone actually lives here! Don’t get me wrong… stylized magazine shots can do wonders for inspiration! But I like it best when I can actually envision a space being used in real life. I mean, c’mon, you can just picture us all having coffee on that patio now can’t you, Holly? ;)

    The “wallpaper” is magic! Oooh! LOVE!

  • Reply Lea January 12, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    omg this whole place is my new goal in life! house-wise, haha. I absolutely adore it! Best post of ’10 :D

  • Reply Lucy January 12, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Hello, one does not write in English, so use a translator of google, I hope they understand, wanted to get my comment, I saw this post and I was delighted, I live in a very small house, which has kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and kitchen I have shelves like in your photos and I want to have more room so more saving, I would like to send you pictures of my house so I like decorating consultancy.

    I charm the house that I showed you mine be like!


  • Reply Brass Paperclip January 12, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Love it – thanks for sharing! Looks so inviting and easy to live in. Was just in Vienna this fall and have to agree with you about it being a living museum. So beautiful!

  • Reply char January 12, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Lovely…it looks so fresh and clean…LOVE all those Esty prints…wanna visit my store???
    Have a wonderful day.
    And thanks for posting daily inspiration!
    .-= char´s last blog ..L.O.V.E this… =-.

  • Reply Bess January 12, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Great space. I love seeing beautifully designed places in Europe. I think Scandinavia and North America are popular destinations for most of the design mags / blogs out there, so thanks for posting from some more ‘exotic’ locales.
    ps. Go Vienna!
    .-= Bess´s last blog ..SALE – 2010 Animal Calendar – FREE Priority Shipping =-.

  • Reply kamila January 12, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Divine and so comfortable. I would love to sit on that patio and sip my tea.

  • Reply Anna January 12, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    This is just lovely. Such a beautiful space. I love the floors, the fabrics she has chosen and the art work. I am looking at this after a hard day at work and a hard evening sorting out kids etc and I’m wondering if my space could *ever* look so lovely.
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..And where is Disneytown? =-.

  • Reply Kim B. January 12, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    This is so beautiful. Just got lost in her flickr pages for a good half hour. What a charming little house, and what a talented photographer she is!

    Would love to see more of what they’re doing paper-wise for their apparently upcoming VERY soon wedding!

  • Reply when skies are grey January 12, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    This was a great tour!I found myself scrolling so slowly, trying to take it all in. I also really liked the kitchen shelving…so simple and well composed.
    .-= when skies are grey´s last blog ..Flowers and Vegetables =-.

  • Reply jodi January 12, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    what a fabulous space!
    .-= jodi´s last blog ..52 projects =-.

  • Reply frauheuberg January 12, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    …oh, yes a very lovley home…i wish i would be more organized…a new good resolution for this year and a wonderful inspiration for me and our home…;)…thanks for sharing with us…as always, a wonderful enrichment…;)…i have to arrange our little bit chaos…defintitly…;)…
    .-= frauheuberg´s last blog ..…back in 2010… =-.

  • Reply Wendy January 12, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    Very lovely! I love the stenciled wall, I may try that soon actually!
    Thanks for sharing ;-)

  • Reply Traci January 12, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    I love the simplicity! One of my new years resolutions is to live more simply. I have been decluttering my home and it feels great!
    .-= Traci´s last blog ..Happy Tuesday! =-.

  • Reply gina January 12, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    fantastic space, and advice “pare down” …. I so need to do this :)
    .-= gina´s last blog ..The Poppies Are Here! =-.

  • Reply Meg January 12, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Such a lovely home! I love the framed prints next to the kitchen sink. Are those from an etsy shop? Would love to know the source!
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Homeowner lesson: remove hoses in the fall =-.

  • Reply Nuit January 12, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    oh what a precious home! I love it all.

    That kitchen could not be any more gorgeous. I die.

    The grey wall in the living room is perfection.

    The floor and chairs out in the terrace are extremely inviting and cute.

    And your interview delighful… u made my day Holly =D
    .-= Nuit´s last blog ..For easy organizing… =-.

  • Reply Katja January 12, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    so wonderful to see Katrin’s beautiful home here, her pictures always inspire me :)
    .-= Katja´s last blog ..Snowy Walk =-.

  • Reply Leslie January 12, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    It’s fresh, simple yet cozy. I love the simplicity, the open kitchen and muted tones. Lovely.

  • Reply Linz January 12, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    That kitchen!!! I love that kitchen! The dining table looks exactly like the one I have at home. :)

  • Reply Sarah Shaw January 12, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    I love the kitchen. She says she doesn’t have “stuff” but she has lots of stuff it is just all has a place which makes it so light and airy! Love it!

  • Reply Ashley Yazzie January 12, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    I just found this lovely blog last week. My life has been much improved because of it. I’ve been working out some of the post Christmas tips that you gave last week! And I am so excited to see the new posts every morning to inspire my own nest. Today’s tour was such a dream and inspiration. Thank you, thank you!

    Loving you in L.A.,

    • Reply decor8 January 12, 2010 at 3:17 pm

      Ashely I’m so glad to know this, thank you for sharing!

  • Reply Kerstin January 12, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    I like the point Katrin makes about everything in her home having its place which helps to keep her flat neat. This is something I`m aiming at- finding places for all those things in our home that just seem to fly around and cause chaos.
    Lovely pictures- make me want to grab a paintbrush and add some new colour to our flat.
    .-= Kerstin´s last blog ..grau… =-.

  • Reply Thea January 12, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    I love Katrin’s style. I am super-impressed that the wall is stencilled so evenly.
    .-= Thea´s last blog ..I’m Older Now =-.

  • Reply toni moya January 12, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    this is sooooo charming! I love the old but pristine look of this space – that’s a great balance in my opinion! very inspirational as far as the paring down idea – {the more space you have the more stuff we accumulate – why is that?}
    thanks so much for sharing this beautiful home!
    .-= toni moya´s last blog ..picture frames at the GW! =-.

  • Reply LILLY January 12, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Beautiful house !!!!! =^_^=

  • Reply Melissa de la Fuente January 12, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Love, love, love it! So bright, cheerful, chic and simple! Just beautiful, I adore seeing all of the etsy art in there too, makes me feel right at home! And the navy blue radiator, genius….thanks gals!

  • Reply Kim January 12, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Wow…such an amazing space. Living here in the US, it seems everyone is obsessed with having as big as a house as possible, even when they don’t really need the room. (We’re thankful for a moderately sized house for our family of four, although I still sometimes think it’s more than what we reallly need!) It’s refreshing to see a small space so beautifully decorated and the space as well used. It makes me long to get rid of the junk in our house and move to a small, quaint home in Europe! ;-)
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Motivate Me Monday Challenge =-.

  • Reply Georgia January 12, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    uau! this is really cozy, clean and beautiful. I really loved the kitchen and the patio. I spent some days in Vienna in june 2008 and agree that’s a great place to live. I am also very organized and in my home everything is in its place. Just one question, though, don’t you have a TV, Katrin?

  • Reply Frau Mayer January 12, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Been admiring Katrin’s place on Flickr for a while. Thanks, Holly, for giving it more personality with your interview!
    As usual, I’m all about practical things :) That white sofa and that lovely chest of drawers, the Apothekerschrank, – they’re lovely. Katrin, would you please share the sources?
    .-= Frau Mayer´s last blog ..Winter in the kitchen =-.

  • Reply lorette January 12, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    This natural design is very welcoming.

  • Reply alicia bock January 12, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    I love the patterns mixed with the wonderful white. So fresh and inviting!
    .-= alicia bock´s last blog ..Sisters =-.

  • Reply greybreaks January 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    lovely home, thanks so much for sharing!

  • Reply Lucia January 12, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I love to know that you like Portugal for your holidays ;) We have beautiful places to visit, you just need time. Lovely home.
    .-= Lucia´s last blog ..Pregadeira com tecido /Pin with fabric =-.

  • Reply Lillian/Katrin January 12, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Oh wow, thank you so much for your nice comments! You all just made my day. And thank you Holly for featuring my little house!

    To answer the questions:
    Meg, the prints by the sink are from ZukZuk´s Etsy shop.
    Georgia, yes we do have a TV, I just never took a picture of it ;) It´s situated left of the big drawer/the picture wall in the living room.
    Frau Mayer, the sectional (it´s light grey actually) is from Ikea, the Kramfors. The drawer thingy is from Car Moebel.

    Thanks again! :)

  • Reply lindsay January 12, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    I love your space Lillian! and that you realize “you don’t need stuff”. So so true.

  • Reply Carolyn January 12, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Love, love, love this! So quaint and pretty. My apartment being 2 hours south of Vienna is a bit like this, but not nearly as cute. Dang.

  • Reply thedoodlegirl January 12, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Charming, modern, vintage, and chic…all in one! Fantastic house! LOVE that etsy art wall!!
    .-= thedoodlegirl´s last blog ..I love you! =-.

  • Reply Cheryl January 12, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    as a fan of soft grays — I loved the gray-framed picture on the wall in the kitchen and the gray chair. Gray responds so well to color–so much to love in this space. Spray painting lamps — great idea. control our “stuff” –a wise reminder. Appreciate this peace-filled space.

  • Reply Sandra January 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Love,love love the pictures in the second image. Beautiful colours! (must be etsy!) I also love their lamps, each one is special and interesting. The wall colour in the living room is just great. I find this grey-beige tones are very american and always looks wonderful. It makes a room look pulled together and relaxing. So much better than the typical german single red wall oder the light yellow kitchen :)

  • Reply Ivy style33 January 12, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    I love Katrin’s cute, warm and well organised house in Vienna!
    She’s also one of the first people I met on Flickr half a year ago and had noticed that we own quite a few of the same things. Her house is an inspiration and her photography is simply great! So nice that she’s featured in decor8!!
    I particularly like her bedroom and the newly arranged office corner ( after the photo shooting for Ikea Family magazine, with the new Ikea furniture )!
    The kitchen shelves are also very charing!
    .-= Ivy style33´s last blog ..The Little English House Project…. =-.

  • Reply Laura Gaskill January 12, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    Mmm, such a cozy little place! I wish I could pop over there for tea right now :) I love the canisters, radio, and little owl on her kitchen shelves, and the patio looks delightful!
    .-= Laura Gaskill´s last blog ..Lemon, Mint, & Mod: A Diet for Your House =-.

  • Reply hena tayeb January 12, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    love the blue stenciled wall
    .-= hena tayeb´s last blog ..Paris =-.

  • Reply 31everything January 12, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    “I just pick what I like” IS indeed a tough way to describe your style :) I agree!
    .-= 31everything´s last blog ..Love at First Gasp #2 =-.

  • Reply Kika January 12, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I love it. Really like the patio. Lovely artistic touches throughout. Wouldn’t mind moving in.

  • Reply Marie Lee Carter January 12, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I have loved this home since I saw it on Apartment Therapy. It is clean and uncluttered but still shows real style – LOVE!!
    .-= Marie Lee Carter´s last blog ..OUTLET – Woven Gem Bracelet (Pink Topaz) =-.

  • Reply Mel January 12, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Oh my gosh Holly – I believe you’ve found my dream home!
    I notice you said she is renting – I am renting too, but here in Australia we’re not allowed to paint the walls, or change the flooring etc. So the colours you get are what you have to work with. Which in my case (weird yellow and even weirder green/aqua) is quite a tragedy! ;)
    .-= Mel´s last blog ..~* sketches *~ =-.

  • Reply Beth January 12, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    This is exactly the type of inspiration that I am looking for right now. As my husband, two children and our two cats will be making a big move into a smaller space. It helps seeing how other people define their less is more. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  • Reply Isabel January 12, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    I am in love with your blog !!!!
    I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I enter to your blog daily,
    you are an inspiration !!!!

  • Reply Meghan January 12, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    This house is just lovely! And I wanted to say how much I like that the tops of the stairs are painted the same blue as the walls. Brilliant.
    .-= Meghan´s last blog ..500 square feet =-.

  • Reply Christine January 12, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Katrin, I love your attitude to ‘stuff’. I live in quite a small apartment (about 550 square feet0 with my boyfriend who is a bit of a pack rat. Sometimes the visual clutter is so overwhelming! I really enjoyed looking at the images of your home and I saw you have a Tivoli radio- aren’t they the best?! I gave one to my father a few years ago and hope to own one myself one day.
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..Feather Fancy =-.

  • Reply Melissa Allam January 12, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    This is such a sweet and inspiring space for small spaces. I love all the touches of color and the little patterns on the walls. It looks very spacious for being so small. She did an excellent job at achieving this asthetic.
    .-= Melissa Allam´s last blog ..Old Renewed =-.

  • Reply CasaCullen January 12, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    ohhh mmmm geee…amazing, AMAZING…LOVE it so much, SO MUCH! and obvs, your blog ROCKS!!! how amazing is this sweet tiny abode…let me count thy ways!!!
    .-= CasaCullen´s last blog ..Gadget Love: $2 Milk Frother from IKEA =-.

  • Reply Vintage Em January 12, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Wow that stencil wall is awesome, ive been thinking of papering my hallway but i may have just changed my mind.The colours used throughout are beautiful.

  • Reply paperinstyle January 13, 2010 at 12:11 am

    Beautiful! I 100% agree on the inspirations! i.e. Design blogs (like decor8!), Magazines (love Living Etc.), people and their spaces on Flickr.
    .-= paperinstyle´s last blog ..red and blue birds mini cards. set of 4 =-.

  • Reply Page January 13, 2010 at 12:24 am

    Those stairs are the bomb! I love painted stairs, especially the kickboards. I love her comment about stuff too. I need to learn that. I used to do that and I don’t know what happened to me. I collect everything now. If you saw my house now you would never guess someone asked me that too – where’s all your stuff? ??? ~Page

  • Reply Steph Lloyd January 13, 2010 at 12:56 am

    i love her home! thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Reply pretty*pink*rat January 13, 2010 at 1:32 am

    Her whole home is so great! I’m loving the stencils, and all of the organization in the kitchen! I’m a sucker for organization, I NEED those little spice jars, and a cute shelf to put them on!
    .-= pretty*pink*rat´s last blog ..New Additions to My Shop! =-.

  • Reply Manette January 13, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Love the art, soft grey walls with the clean white trim and the way she makes a small space feel so warm and inviting.
    .-= Manette´s last blog ..Spoon Me Curved Sea Glass Necklace =-.

  • Reply Manette January 13, 2010 at 2:16 am

    Oh yea, I also love all the great light fixtures.
    .-= Manette´s last blog ..Spoon Me Curved Sea Glass Necklace =-.

  • Reply kriszti January 13, 2010 at 2:31 am

    I’ve saved 4 photos into my inspiration folder mainly because I can relate to living in a small space in Hungary. Further, we hardly get house tours of such layout from this part of the world . So, thanks Katrin for sharing your space and Holly for posting it here!

  • Reply kriszti January 13, 2010 at 2:34 am

    oh, i just saved 2 more photos! may I know where did you get that table in your office?

  • Reply Lillian January 13, 2010 at 4:33 am

    Kriszti, the table is DIY actually. We got a piece of massive wood from our home depot (Bauhaus) and painted it white. The legs are also from our home depot. I think it cost around 50 Euro alltogether.

    So nice to wake up to such nice comments, thank you all so much!

  • Reply Lucia January 13, 2010 at 5:50 am

    lovely house, very nice details, love the colors of the walls specially the blue color of the entrance!!! And I agree with the fact of having the less stuff as possible is better…. I´m trying to attach to that idea!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply karen January 13, 2010 at 5:57 am

    What a nice place! I like the fact that it is very feminine, without beeing frilly or girly. That is probably why her husband likes it as well :-)

  • Reply Melibu January 13, 2010 at 6:02 am

    I love the small spaces ! (mainly because I also have a 60qm appartement) I’d really love to have their large balcony, really.
    Then I have a big crush for the kitchen because everything is opened but still tidy. I like the grey wallpaper with trees, and the pics on her wall.

  • Reply lil jessy January 13, 2010 at 6:57 am

    Some one suggest me about the moving wall pictures i put the link. I got it when i was searching through a wall decor item for my room wall .are they ok? suggest for me thanks.

  • Reply lilith January 13, 2010 at 7:34 am

    you are so right… we don’t need stuff… I’m so tired of stuff… I’m in the process of cleaning all OUT! we feel so much better afterwards!
    .-= lilith´s last blog ..C’est parti ! =-.

  • Reply Carlie January 13, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Thanks for a great hit of inspiration! Love the pictures and love the home.

  • Reply ruthie January 13, 2010 at 8:23 am

    hello! this is such a lovely little house and post. Thank you! I can’t stop looking at the pictures! My favorite rooms are the kitchen and the bedroom, love that wall color!! and of course the stairs with that little window to peek :-) However, for me the open shelves in the kitchen would never work. I like it visually but I don’t think it’s very practical because I’m obssessed with dust so I’d suffer very much and would have to clean all day. Also, the rice and pasta jars seem too high for me. Don’t mean to be picky, I love this house but sometimes we also develop a critic eye when we look at things.

  • Reply Ian J January 13, 2010 at 8:43 am

    I LOVE it! Love the colours and i am in love with all the flooring, massive inspiration, i have popped it onto my blog as well as i am totally in love with it :)
    .-= Ian J´s last blog ..INSPIRATION =-.

  • Reply Emily January 13, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Oh what a lovely place to live! I love the bright openness of everything and the pretty, feminine touches.

  • Reply irene January 13, 2010 at 10:02 am

    wow i didn’t know that there are such beautiful flats in my hometown :) very inspiring!
    .-= irene´s last blog ..hiding in white =-.

  • Reply snezana January 13, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Oh, what a beautiful home,(in a beautiful city) everything is in the right place, really tidy and clean!

  • Reply eco-stylista January 13, 2010 at 10:25 am

    What a beautiful bright home! Very organized, very inspiring. I love the color scheme, too! Thanks for sharing!
    .-= eco-stylista´s last blog ..laid back luxe dining room =-.

  • Reply Chiot's Run January 13, 2010 at 10:26 am

    I love the brightness of this place. So beautiful! One of these days I’ll paint my kitchen a shiny white. The patio is really quite peaceful, what a wonderful place!

  • Reply Michelle January 13, 2010 at 10:44 am

    What a gorgeous home. love it. Can I ask please where the bird print in the kitchen is from – I’d love one :-)

    Thanks for sharing, M x

  • Reply Tammy January 13, 2010 at 10:52 am

    Lovely to see a ray of sunshine and narcissus….swoon, and a great apartment x

  • Reply michele January 13, 2010 at 10:57 am

    sweet, neat and chic! Smaller spaces like this are so much fun to decorate and can be punched up with hits of interchangeable art. Great ideas in every room!

  • Reply caro January 13, 2010 at 11:38 am

    I love this apartment – specially the kitchen. And before I read the interview I asked myself: Where is all the stuff? It’s amazing. I have to go now and clean up my home …
    .-= caro´s last blog ..handmade project =-.

  • Reply Jacqueline January 13, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Such an amazing house! I would love to have a cozy place like this…love the kitchen and the workspace! Gorgoeus. I really need to get me one of those gorgeous white stoage cabinet from Ikea at her lovely workspace. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!
    .-= Jacqueline´s last blog ..::happy:: =-.

  • Reply Lisa January 13, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Actually, this home has LOTS of stuff. It’s just way more organized than most people’s. My own kitchen, for example, has about a third of the “stuff” she has, and it always looks a mess. This is inspiring me to organize.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely home.

  • Reply nina January 13, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    i love the word ‘cook’ on the wall. is that vinyl or metal?
    .-= nina´s last blog ..and there will be cake… =-.

  • Reply Pattie C January 13, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    I have to know where to get that birch tree wallpaper. Can anyone tell me who sells it?

  • Reply amber January 13, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Do you happen to know what color that gray paint is in her kitchen as well?

  • Reply Roxy January 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    I love the food storage in the kitchen. The identical spice jars and the larger jars with pasta, etc. Thank you for the inspiring post!

  • Reply sarah January 13, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    I agree very lovely and inspiring home — but please — if you are taking design inspiration from this — NEVER EVER, NEVER! put a range on the end (corner) without more cabinets/counter space next to it. It is beyond dangerous. *Think about little ones running around a corner and getting caught on a hot pan handle or a boiling pot.

    It’s the first thing they teach you in kitchen design.

    Nonetheless, a great house.

    • Reply decor8 January 14, 2010 at 5:09 am

      Sarah, thank you so much for your concern and your comment! To add, I have a range at the end of my kitchen to, when I took my drawings to IKEA they told me that this is completely common and not a problem. Also my grandmothers (both of them) in the states had a corner range for over 60 years with tons of children and grandchildren and had no issues. While I agree with you — it’s not an ideal location, often due to space constraints or even gas outlets or electrical outlets, you have little choice in rentals. My husband’s grandmother also had a corner range until she passed away at 86 and my mother-in-law also has a range on the corner currently. Maybe it’s a European thing because lots of my friends have this set up here? Now I’m starting to wonder!!! But your advice is so helpful and good, so thank you!

  • Reply Katrin January 14, 2010 at 5:55 am

    Katrin here again. Nina, the letters are wooden. I painted them grey (yes I paint everything grey). They´re from Via Letter.

    Amber, the grey in the kitchen is something I mixed myself, sorry!

    Sarah, I actually never thought of this, but you´re right! There are no little ones in this house though and I actually like it a lot this way, because there´s more space to move around the range – handy when 2 people cook. But I will keep this in mind when planning a kitchen the next time, I promise!

    Thanks again you lovely people!

  • Reply Sandy January 14, 2010 at 10:05 am

    I love the way beauty has been incorporated into such a small space. We had a very small flat in Vienna (years ago) when we were first married and it wasn’t very inviting. I wish I had the simple styling elegance that she has. Now that I am back state side, I enjoy looking at photos such as these for inspiration…even if I am in a 3800 sq ft living space now. ;)

  • Reply Pattie C January 14, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Thanks for the info. on the paper, I’, ordering samples today.

  • Reply dolores January 14, 2010 at 11:32 am

    omg! what an incredible cute home! AND ITS IN MY HOMETOWN!!!
    so it needs to make this long journey to get in touch with marvellous interiors right around the corner….
    concerning the range – I can´t resist to add something as well: I have the same situation here at home – the 2nd time done like this – with 2 little kids. But I have to admit sometimes I would appreciate more space to keep pans or any things in a handy distance while I am cooking…but as I learned from blogreading –
    germans (and the austrians are pretty the same) are more in keeping an eye at their kids behavior then their safety – in the end they are safe as well, but here the moms (and I am afraid I am also acting exactly like this…) spend a lot of time telling why ranges (knifes, stairs, etc) are dangerous and kids keep distance…in other countries moms put the safetyguard on – or just put the range at a differen place.

    • Reply decor8 January 14, 2010 at 12:17 pm

      dolores this is my exact observation too – being an american living in german married to a german. I’ve observed that child safety is not taken to the extreme in public places here as it is back in the states – playgrounds come to mind. i doubt many german playgrounds would meet u.s. safety standards. and i see TONS of young children out running around unchaperoned (what an old fashioned word, thank my mom for that) and no one is fearing child abduction — kids ride the subway alone or in groups at a very young age. and even in public spaces, it’s just different. I don’t see high chairs in restaurants or cafes, kids sit in normal chairs or on their parents lap or are left in the stroller. kids here aren’t nearly as bratty in public as i recall back home, they don’t run wild and scream and you barely ever, ever hear a parent yelling at a child or screaming down the street, “time to come inside!” or “where are you john??” like how I grew up. people don’t scream here unless they are being attacked, LOL. it’s “quieter” that is for sure!

  • Reply Joseph January 14, 2010 at 11:37 am

    Interesting post. We have been in our home 17 years, and I have been remodeling it all this while. I am now working on an elaborate home theater, then it’s on to a new kitchen. What I really want to do is something else, and it’s really a challenge, because our space is so limited. One of the things that has really helped me is the Internet, because there are so many extraordinary ideas out there these days. I think the kitchen is pretty locked in, because of the small size of it, but bathrooms, as it turns out, are really wide open. There are a TON of ideas for them, and I find new ones every day. Probably the hardest one in that department will be just deciding on something. What you’ve posted just gives me even more ideas to think about, but that’s OK too, I guess. Who knows? Maybe one find day I will come up with something really slick. At least I hope so!
    .-= Joseph´s last blog ..Elica Corner Kitchen Hoods =-.

  • Reply Danie January 15, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    Can you give us the names of the etsy shops you used for the wall art?

  • Reply sarah January 16, 2010 at 9:44 am


  • Reply Janneke January 17, 2010 at 8:08 am

    wow, this is so lovely! I can’t believe it’s only 60qm big, looks much bigger!!
    oh, one question: how do non-austrians/germans count rooms?
    .-= Janneke´s last blog ..Creativity Update =-.

    • Reply decor8 January 17, 2010 at 9:03 am

      Janneke: I can’t speak for the world (he he) but in America we sort of don’t. If there is an apartment for rent it usually lists by the number of bedrooms. Like “2 Bedroom Apt for Rent in Boston”. Then when you look at the actual ad it will say something like, “Beautiful 2 Bedroom in Boston’s Back Bay, with big closets, LR, DR, EIK… This means the apartment has a living room (LR), dining room (DR), EIK (Eat in kitchen, or a kitchen that is large enough to fit a table and chairs). So this apartment would have 5 rooms, we count the kitchen as a room. Normally bathrooms aren’t really mentioned in the ad because it is assumed that there is one — they are only mentioned if they were recently renovated or if there is only a shower or a “special” tub like a whirlpool or claw foot tub or maybe they have a double sink or something. I guess we do this because in the states our floor plans are different. When you walk into a home or apartment, you usually walk directly into either a foyer or into the living room, so that room MUST be a living room, you couldn’t turn it into a bedroom for instance because it’s the first room you walk into as you enter. Dining rooms are usually the same way, off of the kitchen or off of the living room, or in between the two, so again, you can’t really turn it into a bedroom unless you have the right floor plan and you can conceal a door and maybe do it then but still, it’s hard to do. The bedrooms always have closets, they can be extremely small and hardly worth having, mid size or extremely large and you can walk into them (called walk-in closets).

      In Germany at least, there is flexibility with the rooms as most places have a foyer with all rooms off of that or a long hallway with all rooms off of it. So most of the time, you can make any room your living room or dining room or bedroom or office — also because there are no closets in rooms from what I’ve seen and read about so far — sometimes there is a pantry off of the kitchen but that’s about it. I really like this@

      I hope this explains things!

  • Reply LilianEve January 17, 2010 at 8:34 am

    Love Love it:)!


  • Reply Janneke January 17, 2010 at 9:30 am

    wow, thanks for that explanation! it really explains a lot :)
    i wish you a nice sunday!

  • Reply dennemont February 3, 2010 at 7:48 am

    I love your cushion and i would like to know where i can find them or just the name of the brand. In France it’s really difficult to find beautiful fabric.

    Thanks a lot to help me!


  • Reply THE-LOUDMOUTH May 12, 2011 at 6:33 am

    Wow, her space is beautiful! So clean, chic and modern.

  • Reply Andrea July 20, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    This is definitely one of the best interiors I’ve seen recently! We are waiting to move into our new flat near the canal – http://seg.at/de/projekt/11/spittelauer-lande-10-1090-wien .Then I plan to furnish it in a similar way like your house. Although the exterior is quite modern and minimalistic, I hope it will be an interesting mixture:-))

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