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Rosenthal Hot Spots Colorful Vases

June 8, 2016

Oh my goodness guys look at these HOT SPOT vases, coming soon from German porcelain giant Rosenthal. Designed by Christine Rathmann, a Frankfurt-based designer, these definitely don’t look like anything you’ve ever seen at Rosenthal. I have many of their vases, both vintage and new, in white and pastel tones but nothing like these…

Rosenthal Hot Spots Colorful Vases

They are stunning but I wouldn’t group them together like this. I’d have one in one room and by done with it. Or 3 of the same in 3 different sizes. Or, if I chickened out on the color and went with all white, I’d group 5 on a shelf.

Rosenthal Hot Spots Colorful Vases

As for the color I prefer, the minty blue yellow one gets my vote. I am not digging the flower arrangement shown above. Maybe they are just being tongue-in-cheek. These beautiful vases are available in 5 colorways and in white. Each is available in 3 sizes.

Rosenthal Hot Spots Colorful Vases

You can really do up your credenza or cabinet or line them up down the center of a table for your next dinner party (the short ones that come in 16cm would work great for that). In each, you could put a really tight bundle of the same flowers – like white peonies for something classy and elegant, pink peonies for romance, yellow carnations for friendship, or even a plant in each.

Which do you fancy?

(images: Rosenthal)


  • Reply Chelsea June 9, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    I am a sucker for blues and greens so I’m a fan of the coastal shades and lime flush colors. These are so great, what an awesome find~!

  • Reply acsilver February 16, 2017 at 10:50 am

    I really like the colors in these vases. I think people do tend to stick to the typical glass vase a lot these days as its playing it safe and will look good in any setting. However, I love the different moods you can create in a room by adding color with a colored porcelain vase or a bit of sophistication and elegance with silver vase.

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