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Thoughts On Balance

October 11, 2016

Good morning everyone, how are you? I’ve been traveling a lot but I still make time to bring my little boy out to the countryside during the weekends when I’m here, and we have a lot of fun. The landscape around us is so very lovely, and depending on the weather, it can evoke an array of different emotions. Sometimes there is extreme melancholy, which can be rather comforting – like a warm hug on an Autumnal day. Other times, a feeling of light-hearted joy coupled with clarity. Next week I’ll be in London again, so I made it a point to go to the country over the past weekend. I thought you may enjoy some of my photos today from a recent trip we took to Lüneburger Heide – a heath that is just amazing when in bloom with fresh Heather. The Heather had nearly passed, but I caught a few glimpses of it for you, along with my little boy who is suddenly not so little anymore despite being only 2.5 years old. He is very tall, determined and curious. When we take him outside, he doesn’t stay nearby – he is off exploring and collecting. He is very imaginative, sometimes quite feisty, and says the cutest things. I find his friendliness and love of hand holding very endearing. I love how he wakes me up each day with such enthusiasm. There is much work involved in raising a child but to me, it comes so naturally to just go with the flow and let him be himself – his varied, complex and often fiery self. I like seeing a little boy grow up, it’s fascinating to watch.

Thoughts On Balance

Children aside, I find a lot of peace and clarity through my viewfinder, not so much in what I’m seeing but more in how I’m feeling and reacting, and how each photo seems to provide some insight into my own emotional landscape. This is why I love nothing more than to be outdoors, to get in touch with all of my senses, and to cut off from the internet and my phone long enough to feel emotions again that run a bit deeper than “liking” photos and leaving one liner comments on Facebook pages. Letting go of the virtual and cherishing the reality has grown more and more important to me over the past year. I don’t know why, but something shifted inside of me and I learned that life is so multi-faceted and that balance is required to really enjoy as much as you can. Balance your time online and off. Balance your time with your family and alone. Balance self care with caring for others. Balance brings you closer to your core and when you are in touch with yourself, you don’t waste as much time or energy deciding or doing things that ultimately lack value. So in essence, you may think balance takes you away from your family or is selfish, but it’s exactly the opposite. Everyone wins.

Thoughts On Balance

Thoughts On Balance

Thoughts On Balance

Thoughts On Balance

Thoughts On Balance

What are your thoughts on balance today? Have you though to create a little more in your life too?

(Photography: Holly Becker for decor8)


  • Reply Halee Pagel October 11, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    I like the fall because things start to slow down and I feel I can regain balance. Summers are always filled with so much activity and I start to feel wound up by the end of it. Nothing that a little cooler weather and reflection can’t fix.

    Beautiful photos!

  • Reply Julie Cove October 11, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Hey Holly, just watched Grace Bonney with Marie Forleo on todays episode and they covered “balance” . It was great insight! I highly recommend watching it:)

    • Reply Holly Becker October 11, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      Hi Julie,
      Thank you for that – I’ll definitely check it out tomorrow when I’m back at my desk – I’ve been tied up all day with Aidan but tomorrow he has play group so I’ll have some extra time then. :)

  • Reply Sacred and Profane Designs October 12, 2016 at 10:44 am

    I strongly believe in this quote: “Balance is achieved only when it is challenged”

  • Reply nicolenicolNicole Nicol October 17, 2016 at 10:45 am

    So true.. when I get out for a walk and breath in the ocean air I realise I have two get out and let my brain just float out in the beauty of nature. On another son would also love just pottering around rock pools at the beach for hours..I think its great they can be connected to nature and use their imaginations.

  • Reply Erin L Bell October 22, 2016 at 9:12 pm

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  • Reply VANESSA G. December 1, 2016 at 2:02 am

    I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately too… As you, I think it is the key in life, but sometimes we get involved in everyday situations, stress, pessimistic environments, frustrations… and when you become aware of it then is hard to know how to go back at this “balance point” which is perfect for you. That’s when nature takes the best part… I love sitting down alone at the beach or a mountain with my dog, feeling the sun, the air breeze or even the rain! And Yoga… I recently discovered it… it makes magic on my busy mind!
    I love your posts! :)

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