Upcoming e-courses

Our next e-course, BLOG BOSS (For Intermediate + Advanced Bloggers), will run from October 10 – November 10, 2014. Registration begins September 10, 2014 and the fee is $149 ($129 for BYW Community Members). You will have access to our forum immediately upon registration so you can interact with other students before class begins. You will be able to earn a certificate that you may show to your employer if you are taking this class for work. Click here to view the outline for this e-course or subscribe to our newsletter so that the moment registration begins, you will be notified via email. Thank you!


“I have taken the beautiful Blogging Your Way course three times now. Each time I have finished the course feeling inspired, energised, focused and connected. Over the past couple of years my blog has gone from an idea in my head to something that is an intrinsic part of my life. ” – Emily Quinton, London. Read more…

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